Every day people make statements to themselves...

...and it's these automatic statements that set the tone of a person's internal dialogue and that little voice in their head.

When repeated often enough...for long enough...these positive or negative statements train and convince the brain to believe they are true...whether there is sufficient evidence...or not!

So why not make your personal and inner dialogue as positive, encouraging and supportive - as it can be?

The thoughts a person thinks, determine what and how they feel. These feelings are then translated into words...and grow in physical actions, behaviours and expectations.

Positive affirmations are exactly what they say on the tin!...they're short, deliberate, positive statements; that if repeated often enough for long enough...can help a person change the way they think about...and see themselves....and their abilities.

Being stuck in a funk is OK temporarily. Just remember that to change the way you feel...you have to change the way you think first!

Positive affirmations are a great tool to use to help focus yourself out of a funk. (Bare in mind...they make not work for everyone)

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