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Self-awareness, levels of emotional well-being, transferable development skills, and understanding the role that emotions play; are all important parts that contribute to a person feeling good...and fufilling their potential...whatever "that" is.   

Young people of today become the parents, teachers, employees and employers of tomorrow and Inspire Yu know that...



Inspire Yu Ltd services are designed to support the emotional health, well-being and development of young they transition through adolescence into adulthood; as well as supporting the needs of parents, teachers, schools and employers by: 

  • Putting young people at the heart of their understanding and development by encouraging self-direction, self-awareness.
  • Providing independent and supported learning resources - that are innovative, interactive, engaging and effective.
  • Teaching emotional intelligence, ethics, values, positive socialisation and tolerance - whilst supporting and developing individual character and self-awareness.
  • Encouraging development of interpersonal skills that young people, schools and employers require ...such as confidence, emotional intelligence, resilience, focus, self-management.
  • Supporting young people to develop themselves, in a non-judgemental and purposely created safe space.
  • Reducing low level disruption in class by increasing focus, concentration and self-esteem.
  • Allowing young folks to naturally raise their aspirations and expectations to align these with their personal and academic goals.


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