The goal of life is to be fulfilled, happy, to experience and cultivate a feeling of meaning, inner peace and calm in all that you do...and all that comes to you.

This game of life is about understanding on a deeper level what you came here to do, who you came here to be and having the strength and determination to find and live your purpose and then share that light with the people around you...and encourage them to seek and shine their own light.

That means life isn't meant to be perfect and you've probably experienced enough of it by now, to realise that everyone can find themselves stuck in a funk occasionally. So whether it's:


...unfortunately, that seems to be the way of modern life and sometimes how things work out! As much as you'd like to believe or wish they didn't.

The "American", UK or Western dream that previous generations strived for; isn't as attainable as it once was...or as pleasing as it was meant to be!

I've learnt with time and experience, that there are aspects of life that appear to fall outside of our remit of control. Yet it's those same challenges; that present the ideal opportunity for you to learn something new, recognise what's really important to you, change your perspective, attitude and mind-set and take a different approach to the way you've always done things...and live your life differently!


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