Want to inspire and motivate your young people?


It's always a good idea to start with a plan...but life and it's journey may also contain twists, turns, diversions or obstacles that leave a person faced with numerous options.  Ultimately the choice comes down to employing confidence and the resilience to keep on going...or to admit defeat and give up.  


Young folks, parents, schools, colleges and employers benefit when young folks are aware that "dreams" really can...and do turn into reality...if young folks learn to apply:

  • Vision
  • Self- awareness
  • Positive Expectation
  • Confidence and Self-belief 
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Focused effort and actions
  • Inspiration and Motivation

With the right mindset, practical skills, creativity and support... people of any age can get to where they want to go...and be who they want to be.

With a background as a Mechanical Engineer, An Engineering Lecturer and Entrepreneur...Inspire Yu's inspirational and motivational talks will inspire and positively motivate your young folks and grown folks to believe in themselves...their journey...and to keep on going!




Are your young folks:

  • Not in Education, Employment or Training?
  • Transitioning from primary to secondary education?
  • Leaving you to go onto Further of Higher education?
  • At the start of a new academic year?
  • Revising for tests or exams?
  • Preparing to start an apprenticeship?
  • Selecting their GCSE, A-Level or HE Options?
  • Completing UCAS applications? 
  • In need of an inspirational or motivational boost?
  • Leaving your establishment to start a life of their own?

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