Do your learners need extra guidance and support? 

Independent learning won't work with your cohort? 

Don't have enough computers to access #yuinmind online? 


Then deliver #yuinmind "in house" instead!


Personal development is just as important as academic I've made #yuinmind also accessible in workshop and classroom format.  Ideal for young folks that need extra support or not in education, training or employment.

Young people regardless of educational, cultural or socio-economic background should be supported to develop the kind of mind-set that builds self-awareness, confidence and resillience.




Developing a healthy sense of "self" as well acquiring the personal and social skills to support academic development; will provide a firm foundation for young folks to grow.



#yuinmind workshop is an 8 week program following the same format at #yuinmind online which takes a young person focused, holistic yet direct approach to delivering the topic of Personal Development face to face.  

Worshops include: 

  • Visually engaging PowerPoint to guide the session
  • Short contexualised supporting videos
  • Dynamic group and individual activities, games, case studies, reflection questions and worksheets to develop self awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills.
  • Group discussions
  • End of session quiz
  • Top Tips to download or take away
  • Certificate of participation

Inspire your young folks to acquire the knowledge, tools and skills they and you need to succeed.


 Click here to book your young folks a workshop.