I'm an empath, clairaudient and a highly sensitive soul - who uses the tarot as an intuitive and psychological tool; to assit your personal development, to offer guidance for your spiritual or material growth and highlight your highest life direction.

Do you? 


If you answered YES to any of these questions...then book a reading with me today!

I take a personal development approach to reading Tarot, that'll help you understand the energies relating to the following areas:


The tarot and tarot readings can be used as a psychological and intuitive tool, that holds up a mirror and reflects back to you your position in life. So that you can see your life circumstances more clearly - whilst in the midst of intense emotions such as denial, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness or depression...when you can't see the wood for the trees!

Tarot used in this way; highlights the previous 'energy' you've given to a specific life area or situation, how that energy influences the "here and now" and provides you with the guidance to help you maintain or offer a more supportive energy to the situation in future.

What next? 

  • Pay £25* for your 30 minute video tarot reading.
  • Complete the online booking form - click here to download.
  • Email it back to simone@inspire-yu.com.  
  • You'll receive your personal reading within 7 days**.


Just remember that everyone has free will, so if the likely outcome of the cards doesn't resonate with you? You have the power to change it… You'll just need to interact with your life's circumstances in a different way... to get a different result!

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 The decks and spread I'll use for your reading are below:


* reading prices subject to change.** Turnround of your reading is dependant on workload.